Title: Brisksaber
Client/Partner: Mekanism
Liptons Brisk Tea;Pepsico
Format: iOS; Android
Title: The Quiet Game
Client/Partner: Venables Bell & Partners;
Conoco Phillips
Format: iOS; Android
Title: Blurb Storybook App
Client/Partner: Blurb.com; Samsung
Format: Android (Galaxy S4)
Title: Furious Racing
Client/Partner: G-Gee; GMO
Format: iOS; Android
Title: Arthur Christmas: Elf Run
Client/Partner: Sony Pictures;
Spin-Up Games; Aardman Animation
Format: iOS; Android
Title: Lady Gaga ioki Karaoke
Client/Partner: Lady Gaga; Grid Mob 
Format: iOS
Title: Kingdom of the Blue Whale
Client/Partner: National Geographic
Format: iOS
Title: App of the Dead
Client/Partner: George A Romero;
Additive Entertainment
Format: iOS
Title: Atari’s Outlaw
Client/Partner: Atari
Format: iOS; Android